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Swap your spare room for a holiday home or your shed for a bed.

Today we're able to travel around the world with such ease. Flights are getting cheaper along with websites like Trip Advisor and Air Bnb we're able to research and book our holidays in seconds. We're so used to paying for our trips but what if you could stay somewhere for free? What if you could swap your spare room for someone elses? Couch Surf is a great tool to do just that but with our App you can have more imagination as to what you want to swap exactly.

With our Swapscout App you can find a place in the sun, rain or snow. Once you've found that perfect room make sure you can offer something equivilent that would be worth the swap. Then wait for a Match! If you want to spend 6 months in a treehouse you might have to search a little longer but it'll be worth it! Once you've matched you need to arrange the dates you'd like to go on holiday and try to time it perfectly. There you go... a way to live abroad for free using our Swapscout App. We'd also love to hear your stories on the great places you discover on your travels so please feel free to get in touch.