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Fancy a switch from IOS to Android?

When it comes to smartphopnes we're still torn between the various operating systems whether it's IOS, Android or Google, to name a few. Not only that but we now have smart watches to add to the list.

There are loads of companies willing to pay you for your second hand phones and you can make a nice bit of pocket money. However if you're looking to switch from and Iphone 6 to a Samsung Galaxy and want an upgrade then swapping might be a better option to consider. We know how costly new smartphones can be and there's always someone out there who want's the model you have, all it costs is a little time. With Swapscout you can swap any model of smart phone and watch, no matter how old or new. if you do so it's very important to make sure you've removed and backed up all the data from your phone/. We sugest taking it to a specialist as you don't want someone else walking around with your ID in their pocket. Good luck and happy swapping!