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An excuse for a good rummage in the attick.

We all have items that we used once and then outlawed to the attick, packed away to be stored for an eternity. Sadly when we dig them out again in the distant future they've either become junk, OR if you're lucky, an antique. Now there's a fine line here but we find electrical items like that forgotten toaster you once loved won't be worth much a few years on, where as your mum's hand crafted porceline bowl might be. If in doubt take it to get valued or just head down to your local car boot.

So that aside we want you to look around your house, halls, flat or caravan and see what treasures you can find! You may not be too late to salvage that old blender or even a timeless clock (see what we did there). Snap a photo and have a think about what you would really like to have in it's place, whether it's a memory you'd like with a pair of gig tickets, or whether you just want something a little different to jazz up the bedroom.