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We'll find you a tablet to get rid of the headache.

Each year there are more and more models to choose from whether you're allured by Acer, a dellegator of Dell, preached to by Panasonic or an apostle of Apple. We tend to find our perfect processing partner as if it we're embarking on a spiritual journey. We then have a few years together until the technological arthritis sets in and the once new model seems to be knocking on deaths door.

So when your laptop is nearing the end of it's life its very hard to let go. Firstly it has all your data on the hard drive so you don't trust handing it over to a stranger. And secondly you probably like the re-assurance of a back-up computer just in case the new model has a bad day. We know that computers are hard to pass on but with our App you can at least find them the best home imaginable and what's more, you're responsible, not a third party. We recommend that you get either your tablet, laptop or computer taken to a specialist to have all your data removed and backed up securely and safely. Once that's done you're ready to find the perfect match. There's always someone out there who'll be able to revamp your old model with a few technical tweaks so it's important to think of a fair value and to not be sentimental. All the best swapper!