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Why you get more value from swapping your games.

Computer games are taking over from PC to Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo, with sales figures rivalling blockbuster films. Their graphics are becoming so realistic that it's like emersing yourself in a film as one of the characters. As technology advances we are seeing less need for data to be stored on CDs. Everyting is being stored in clouds, ready to down-pour content whenever we want. This means that those big gaming companies can retain the money otherwise being spent at pre-owned stores.

We want you guys (the consumers) to have one last chance at freedom, freedom to swap your games! Computer games either work or they don't, there's no inbetween. So why should t matter if it's second hand if it still works? It doesn't matter what it looks like as it lives it's life either in it's case or in the console or computer. So when we've bought a game we should be entitled to do with it what we like, and lets be honest once we've held onto a game for a while we want to exchange it for a different game. So what if we didn't have to part exchange the games we no longer want, but instead, we exchanged it with soeone who really want it... Someone who also has the game you want?

With our Swapscout App we hope you can find any game and console from any era and get the most out of your gaming!